Dickson Images represents a collaboration of husband and wife team Bruce and Mary Lou Dickson. Although from different parts of the world, Bruce and Mary Lou discovered that their mutual interests and shared philosophies could be successfully blended into a creative, powerful body of artwork.

Avid scuba divers and freelance wildlife and nature photographers, Bruce and Mary Lou travel extensively, expanding their portfolio, creating stock images, teaching and writing.

Whether they are above water or below, Bruce and Mary Lou practice their philosophy of “Environmentally Responsible Photography”, which translates to photography with minimal impact on both the wildlife and our fragile ecosystem.



Dickson Images is available for commercial work or  to shoot special assignments. We have worked with many clients, particularly those who require underwater photography, on location and in a controlled pool setting.


Dickson Images clients include:

  • Gypsy Divers Aquatic Center
  • Lake Forest Association
  • Port of Charleston
  • Rawle Murdy Associates
  • Shearon Harris Nuclear Facility
  • Divers Alert Network
  • Dive Equipment Marketing Association
  • Professional Association of Dive Instructors
Man in business suit diving underwater after diving head first into a swimming pool