Solar eclipse

Busy Moon 2

Well, hasn’t the moon been busy putting on a show this month?  First, the full moon occurred at perigee,  creating a “super-moon”, where the full moon appears bigger and brighter than normal.    Next,  the new moon passed between the Earth and the Sun to create a “Ring of Fire” eclipse which […]

Safe harbor

Everyone needs a safe harbor.  A place to rest and recuperate.  A place to wait out a storm.  A place to gather strength before starting a new adventure.  Moss Landing Harbor is just such a place. I have stood on the harbor bridge just about every day for the last month […]

Moss Landing Harbor, Moss Landing, CA

Road construction

Life on the (bumpy) road

It is sad to say, but the grandly named Eisenhower Interstate System is a mess. In the past year we have driven the entire length of Interstate 95 from Florida to the Canadian border, and Interstate 40 from North Carolina to California. In general, the road surface is like driving […]

Stop and take a closer look

All photographers have done it.   We happen on an easy photographic subject, so we shoot it.   The subject was not something specific which we needed for our collection or had always wanted to see and photograph.   Nor was it displaying any courting rituals or in some unusual habitat or in […]

Yellow-footed Gull, Larus livens

Moss Landing beach, Moss Landing, CA

After the storm

Two days after a series of storms blew in off the Pacific, Monterey Bay looks beautiful again.   The storms produced major rain, hail, high winds and even snow in the Salinas Valley.  However, looking at the beach this morning, you certainly could not tell.    First, the beach was surprisingly clean.   […]