Roswell, a great place to crash

Next Time Be Here (Bruce & Mary Lou Dickson)

OK, so in the interest of thoroughness we had to see if there really were aliens in New Mexico, so we ventured to the UFO capital of the USA, Roswell.   And although we are from out of town, we didn’t expect to be escorted to area 51 on our first visit.    Or was it just coincidence that the campground assigned us campsite number 51.  Hmmm….

Well, we have to report we certainly didn’t see any current alien activity in the area.   However, Roswell has a lot more to offer than it’s UFO attractions.    There’s a very nice art  museum that also houses a replica of Dr. Goddard’s laboratory, complete with the actual launch tower and early liquid-fueled  rocket used in his experiments.

But the unexpected find and a place that warrants further investigation is the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, just 7 miles out of town.   Another stop-over for migrating Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese in New Mexico, the wildlife drive seems to provide good access to a large part of the southern refuge.  Labeled an oasis in the desert, it draws water from the Pecos River and artesian water from the surrounding mountains.   Plus, it’s on the border between the Chihuahuan Desert and the Great Plains so there is a wide variety of wildlife to be found in the refuge.