RV state count at 17

 (Bruce & Mary Lou Dickson)


Well, this is quite an accomplishment, 17 states visited in less than 6 months.

Although we started off slowly, we really managed to pack on the states this summer. We could also claim 2 Canadian provinces as well, but we don’t have any stickers for Canada yet. We drove the RV from Key Largo, Florida to Bar Harbor Maine in about a week. Looking at a map, the obvious route was to drive I-95 the whole way as it is a direct route. But wanting to avoid the big cities along the eastern seaboard, we took a more indirect route, while allowed us to pick up most of the eastern states of the US. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that we were very close to Rhode Island, but did not actually visit Rhode Island. So we have a small hole in the map that will require us to revisit this area to fix.

On our return home, we spent a day in Philadelphia which was great fun. As we were leaving of course we had to make a grand tour of the area so we could make sure to claim New Jersey and Delaware.