Aliens in New Mexico?

Three alien looking figures in Petroglyph National Monument, NM


Walking the high desert of the Rio Grande Valley on a mild January morning, we were not expecting to find aliens. Sure we expected to find snakes and lizards or rabbits and road runners, but certainly not aliens. But there they were just as plain as day. At least, that’s my interpretation of the strange rock carvings we found in the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was amazed by the number, variety, quality and ease of access to these ancient carved images which are attributed to the Ancient Pueblo Indians. I wondered why there are so many petroglyphs located here, over 20,000 according to the brochure. I asked in the Visitor Center and was informed that the park is located in the area of 5 ancient cinder volcanoes. According to the Ancient Pueblo culture, the volcanoes gave access to the underworld which plays heavily into their spiritual culture.

So if you are ever in Albuquerque, I would highly recommend visiting the park. It is close to I-40 and many of the petroglyphs can be seen during a short walk from your car. To see more photographs from Petroglyph National Monument, click here.