Petrified trees in a painted desert

Petrified logs in Blue Mesa in Petrified Forest National Park

There is a place where the desert is painted, the trees are stone and enough plant and animal fossils have been found to earn the name “Triassic Park”.   Located in northeastern Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park is the place.   Long ago an epic event happened here.   A forest of trees was knocked down and buried in mud.   In time the trees where turned into stone.   Erosion has exposed them, along with the beautifully colored sediments where they were trapped.   Dig into the sediments and you could find more then petrified trees, there are so many types of plants and animal fossils that they bring experts from around the world here.    But they were not the first, as humans have explored and lived in this area for a very long time.   Remnants of ancient ruins can be found in the park along with over 600 petroglyphs representing humans, animals and spirit creatures.   These petroglyphs decorate ancient cliffs, as can be seen at Newspaper Rock.