The following is a list of companies with which Dickson Images does business.  Dickson Images will receive an affiliate commission if you click on the supplied link and purchase the item.

Camera Protection

Every photographer needs to protect his or her camera equipment and many of us are always on the lookout for the next perfect camera bag. Designed and tested by real photographers for real photographers, Think Tank Photo’s line of products has never let Dickson Images down. Besides being well built and highly functional, Dickson Images always looks professional and quite discreet while traveling around the world with our Think Tank roller bags.

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The Dickson Images portfolio is hosted by Photoshelter, which provides a complete solution to show and sell photography online. Photoshelter provides galleries, search capabilities, online sales, high resolution file distribution, SEO and more. Plus by using the PhotoShelter-WordPress blog integration, all of our photographs can be stored and managed in one place, simplifying maintenance and providing peace of mind that our images are protected.

Stock Photography

Dickson Images stock photography is represented by Getty Images. Our photography can be licensed for use under Rights Managed and Royalty Free license models.

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Technical Training

Dickson Images uses lynda.com for its online technical training.  Being modern digital photographers require a great deal of computer skills and finding the time to learn a new computer application is always hard to come by. With courses ranging from digital photography post-processing to savvy web design, lynda.com offers some of the best online training around. Fast, dependable and easy to use, we have found lynda.com meets our demands for online technical training.

Web Hosting

The Dickson Images website is hosted by IPOWER.   We have found IPOWER Web Hosting to be fast and reliable with many features provided with the service. The few times we have encountered technical problems, IPOWER’s customer support has been able to help solve the problem quickly.



 Graph Paper Press WordPress Themes

Website Design

The Dickson Images website is powered by a PhotoShelter-WordPress blog integration. By selecting a WordPress blog and adding in a WordPress blog theme supported by PhotoShelter, such as Widescreen by Graph Paper Press, we have easily integrated the gallery, search and e-commerce portions of the Dickson Images PhotoShelter site into our blog. We chose the Widescreen blog theme because it keeps the website clean and simple, which allows our photography to shine. And because of the seamless integration, our branding is maintained as clients switch between blog posts and the galleries where they may search our archive, license images, and purchase prints.