Safe harbor

Moss Landing Harbor, Moss Landing, California

Everyone needs a safe harbor.  A place to rest and recuperate.  A place to wait out a storm.  A place to gather strength before starting a new adventure.  Moss Landing Harbor is just such a place.

I have stood on the harbor bridge just about every day for the last month and although its appearance changes daily, its function does not.  It is a safe harbor to all who enter.  Here, fisherman unload their daily catch and returning whale watchers stow their binoculars.  Meanwhile sea otters, harbor seals and California sea lions sunbathe or take mud baths, while Western Grebes, Common Loons, Hooded Mergansers and American White Pelicans find easy meals.  The harbor’s quiet waters offer sanctuary for the all weary travelers of the world.

Everyone needs a safe harbor.  So where’s yours?